Before you start reading here is the song what we heard many many times in the italian radio. It turned out its spanish (lol) but we decided this is the song of our holiday

Feel free to read it while you listening to te song:


Finally this year we went for a week holiday.  I’ve been to italy before a few times but i was way younger and

probably could’t appreciate the view and the food as much as i did this time.

After we landed we picked up our hire car. Unfortunately for a misterious reason my satnav was set to avoid

motorways so it led us through Naples. Only recommended to very experienced and confident drivers. No traffic lights,

continuous horn bleeping, mopeds was taking over us from both sides, absolute chaos. Luckily i picked up the pace

quickly and worked out the bleeps mean ‘thank you’ and ‘watch out im coming’ as well.

web_D4A9363 web_D4A9020 web_D4A9157After 2 hours driving we arrived to our destination Conca Dei Marini what is on the Amalfi Coast. Absolutely stunning ladscapes. Our little bed&breakfast hotel was very good

we had breakfast on the terrace every morning with a nice real italian Capuccino._D4A8942web The couple Rita and Salvatore who runs the hotel were very nice and helpful. I have to mention their parking skills

is on another level. We had a little friend as well this little kitten turned up on our balcony:web_D4A9443                                                                                And the view from the balcony_D4A8941web                                                                                         The Church at night web_D4A9472 web_D4A9478 web_D4A9480

Here is their facebook page:

As we planned we visited Amalfi, Ravello and Positano we also wanted to go to Capri Pompeii and the Vesuv as well but we had to move that for next year.

Everywhere we went it was absolutely breathtaking. The whole coast is a mountain basically and the cities built on the side of them. What can be inconvinient

is the amount of stairs. The parking can be a problem so most of the time we left the car in the hotel and we travelled by bus. The bus stop was exactly 403 stairsteps

away from our road and the closest beach plus 275. One day we went to Amalfi and back to the hotel then the beach. If you add that up thats 2162 steps on stairs. Can be tiring

but i took it as a workout. So here’s s few pics from the tripsweb_D4A9005 webIMG_20160608_171721 web_D4A9505_1 web_D4A9492 web20160607_1600431 web_D4A9316 web_D4A9302 web_D4A9268 web_D4A9277IMG-20160607-WA0013_D4A9405web_D4A9410web

The food: Because of the lot of sunsine all the vegetables and fruits tase incredible and all the seafood and fish is fresh in the restaurants most likely caught on the day or before

and it’s just tastes amazing. We visited about 5-6 restaurants and the favourite was the Ristorante Le Bontá Del Capo

Private owned restaurant and the owner is there every day and night running the buisness. Very nice person, always talked to us, the headchef comes out of the kitchen

sometimes and talk to the guests. So the staff makes the guests feel very good, the food and the view is unbelievable._D4A9242web _D4A9232web _D4A9236web _D4A9240web My favourite dish was the grilled cuttlefish with

olive oil garlicand hebs and the garnish was parmigiano di melanzane what is layered aubergines tomatoes and mozzarella. It would be fantastic on its own as well.

The dessert on the picture is a local speciality, it takes 2 days to make it. Its cured aubergines some orange with very rich chocolate an scented with concerto. Amazing…

All in all we had a fantastic time, only can recommend the places mentioned above. Good food, nice poeole, lot of sunshine and stunning views who wants more…

We’re considering to start learn italian if once we get old maybe we end up on the Amalfi Coast

Thank you for reading, and i hope i’ll see you there next year



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